February 3, 2022 Experience is Everything | The Ambition Show | Episode 5

As the saying goes the “Proof is in the Pudding” going to college is experience in a controlled environment but to real clients and in-order to command service fees or sell higher priced products you need to showcase your skills and that you get results for clients.

It is important to gain experience in whatever interests you as soon as possible for two reasons.

First you learn from experience, you get stronger, smarter, and gain more skills from the challenges you face through your experiences.

Secondly you gain a better understanding if this is what you want to do or not. I can't tell you how many people waste their time thinking, keyword “thinking” about what they want to do but change their mind when they get a real taste of doing what they thought they wanted to do.

Internships and being an apprentice are two quick and readily available opportunities for this. But with the growth of the Gig Economy, you may find the career you want doing gig work while at the same time gaining experience for your dream job. 

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “UNLABEL: Selling You Without Selling Yourself” by Marc Ecko

  • Pop culture icon, one of the names that is synonymous with the rise of the fashion aspect and urban wear inspired by hip hop culture of the late 90’s and early 2000’s fashion
  • Connecting your creativity and personal passion into a career. This is the dream of most that very few accomplish. Marc did it and there are real tactics and practical examples that you can use to your own plan. Although he is not the only person to do this by far, UNLABEL is written in a way that can be used as an entertaining guide.
  • Purchase on Amazon here