August 29, 2022 Your Business Needs Business Development | The Ambition Show | Episode 13

Without Business Development, Your Business Will Fail to Grow. 

No relationships. No growth. No sales. No business. Today we go into how you use business development to put your business on a path to success.

Revenue, specifically sales, is the lifeblood of your business. Business Development is a group of business activities that makes the sales process more effective.

  • What is not Business Development
    • Marketing
      • Business Development vs. Marketing
    • Sales
      • Business Development vs. Sales
  • How Business Development, Marketing, and Sales work together

Best business development practices by industry

  • Music and Entertainment industries
  • E-Commerce retail
  • Consulting/Advisory (coaching or independent agents)
  • Freelancers

WHAT TO READ “What, Exactly, Is Business Development?: A Primer on Getting Deals Done” by Scott Pollack